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Library Design Cycle

Evolutionary molecular engineering 

guided by artificial intelligence


Protein design is often synonymous with "how to arrange twenty amino acids". It may sound simple, but the challenge lies in the almost infinite size of protein sequence space, and within that limitless space, only a few sequences lead to protein with the desired characteristics. Even with currently available molecular engineering technologies, navigating the complex map of sequence space is challenging, and the probability of identifying a sequence with the desired function is not high. Library Design Cycle is a cutting-edge technology based on artificial intelligence and machine learning that solves the complexities of analyzing the vast protein sequence space by rapidly identifying proteins with desired functionality and characteristics. Developed by experts in the field of protein engineering with decades of experience, Library Design Cycle can map out and analyze a sequence space array that will lead to the desired solution reliably and rapidly. RevolKa's initial focus is to apply the Library Design Cycle technology to optimize and improve the function and structural stability of antibodies and enzymes.




With our cutting-edge AI platform, RevolKa will collaborate with our partners to develop improved biopharmaceuticals and make them accessible to all.